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Nikhil Pereira-Kamath Pioneers Healthcare Network in Africa

WALTHAM, MA– Nikhil Pereira-Kamath is on to something big, something really big in Africa. His passion for health care for those who need the most made his job easy to take a break from the Harvard Business School, and head to Africa to start Africa Healthcare Network.

In an exclusive video interview with Dr. Manju Sheth on Dreamcatchers, Pereira talks about his dream of creating the Africa Healthcare Network, his courage to leave Harvard Business School to pursue his dream and provide health services to those who need the most in the world’s poorest continent.

Pereira credits his love and passion for his African healthcare network to his parents: Dr. Sunita Pereira, MD, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine; and Dr. Brian Pereira, MD, and CEO of Visterra Inc., a Cambridge, MA-based clinical-stage bio-pharmaceutical company.

 Please click here to watch the full interview.

Source: Next Billion

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