AHN opens center at Arusha Lutheran Medical Center

Africa Healthcare Network has opened a new dialysis center in partnership with Arusha Lutheran Medical Center this weekend. The new center is the largest dialysis center in the Northern Region of Tanzania and the third-largest dialysis center in Tanzania. It is also the only dialysis center in the Northern Region with full isolation in line with global standards. This location will be a Center of Excellence in education and prevention for AHN and will be the site of AHN nurse and clinician training for the Northern Region.

The center is outfitted with 15 new Nipro dialysis machines and a new Reverse Osmosis Unit, as well as Wi-Fi and TV for its dialysis guests.

Services include: Inpatient Dialysis, Outpatient Dialysis, ICU dialysis (coming soon!), Consultations, Vascular Access and Catheterization procedures for both ESRD and AKI patients.