Registered Nurse

Job Description:

Current location need: Tanzania Potential future locations need: Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi
Need: Next 6 months

  • Sets up and operates dialysis machines to provide dialysis treatment for patients

  • Mixes dialysate, according to formula.

  • Primes dialyzer with saline or heparinized solution to prepare machine for use.

  • Transports patient to dialysis room and positions patient on chair/bed at hemodialysis machine.

  • Takes and records patient’s predialysis weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration rate.

  • Explains dialysis procedure and operation of hemodialysis machine to patient before treatment to allay anxieties.

  • Cleans area of access, using antiseptic solution.

  • Connects hemodialysis machine to access in patient’s forearm or catheter site to start blood circulating through dialyzer.

  • Inspects equipment settings, including pressures, conductivity, and temperature to ensure conformance to safety standards.

  • Starts blood flow pump at prescribed rate.

  • Inspects venous and arterial pressures as registered on equipment to ensure pressures are within established limits.

  • Calculates fluid removal or replacement to be achieved during dialysis procedure.

  • Monitors patient for adverse reaction and hemo dialysis machine for malfunction.

  • Taking care of RO Plant and its regular maintenance activities

  • Monitors stock for expiration dates, quantity, consumption, etc

  • Coordinates with the Center Manager the scheduling of patients to ensure accommodations of all patients per Clinic’s policies

  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Handle other team members in an very efficient manner.


  • Qualification: GNM or BSc Nursing or Dialysis Diploma; Nursing Registration from Local Authority

  • Experience: 1 – 15 years


  • Interested applicants should please submit their CV to Hannah Kelly ( and Judith Mziary (