Award Winners

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Core Value award winners!

Meet AHN’s recently announced Core Values award winners!

    Catherine Albert

    Patient First

    Catherine was nominated for being our Patient First Champion because she sees her patients as a priority. When you ask her about one of her patients, she knows everything. When a patient calls for her, she is there in a flash. She will always make time to support her patients and their families, making sure they are educated about their kidneys and comfortable during their dialysis. Catherine is an example of a patient-first mentality at work!

    Joan Benson


    Joan has been selected for this award because she goes above and beyond in her role as a Nutritionist. Joan, while highly-focused on her patients, has also been key to driving the development of the Nutrition Team across AHN’s operational countries. Joan is continuously taking charge of her own career development through being a ready and active participant in webinars and other trainings, and supports her peers to do the same. Joan is willing and excited to learn, and we are excited to see her continued growth and how it impacts our patients!

    Eutycus Mutembei

    Data Driven

    Eutycus was nominated for this award for his careful attention to detail when it comes to AHN processes and policies, and making sure that data is both carefully logged and used to make decisions within his unit. He is also known to go on fact-finding missions, doing research to make sure best practice is applied and his peers are provided with the most up to date information. By doing this, Eutycus shows us that the use of data is powerful and its application can mean positive healthcare outcomes for our patients.

    Rajabu Mohammed


    After Rajabu joined AHN, his center has completely changed. Rajabu takes his work seriously, making sure that he is on time, completes his work and is cooperative with his team members. He understands the essential role that cleaners play in the dialysis unit, protecting patients and staff through the application of strict IPC measures. We are not just inspired by Rajabu’s work ethic, but his life ethic … he makes sure that he takes everyday as it comes, working alongside his team and patients with respect and care.

    Raymond Kelly


    When we think of teamwork, we think of Raymond! Raymond is someone who always ensures others are taken care of, proactively making sure that team members have everything they need to care for their patients and complete their tasks. He is known to work across different departments where needed, making sure that the workload is shared so we can achieve our goals. Whenever you call on Raymond, he will be there with a smile ready to support in any way he can, at any time of the day or night.

    Ruth Sibonyange


    Ruth was selected for this award because she is great at speaking up on behalf of others. Whether it is for patients or for peers, Ruth is always ready to advocate for others. When she sees an issue, she doesn’t keep quiet, but rather takes the opportunity to flag her concerns and then sits down to try and map a way forward. Speaking up and being honest, isn’t always easy, but it is essential to ensure we keep improving as people and identifying issue areas as a company.